All-inclusive Customer Relationship Management! Store all your customer

information in one convenient, easy-to-use workspace, easily tailored to match your sales process. Manage accounts, route leads effectively, collaborate on sales opportunities, and get visibility into your entire sales pipeline and revenue.

Generate Sales Leads

Track every critical bit of lead information and reach leads while they’re still hot.

Sales Productivity

Empower your sales team with more selling time and eliminate non-revenue generating tasks.

Full Pipeline Visibility

Sales Reports

Dig deeper into your sales data with interactive Excel reports. Choose from our built-in library of popular report templates or upload your own, and populate it with your favorite data points at a click.

Sales Goal Tracking

See who your top performers are and plan effective sales strategies. Follow key indicators including progress to quota and probability of close — and create intuitive graphs and charts you can use to motivate your team.

Sales Dashboards

View and digest sales information through a graphical dashboard personalized with your chosen metrics. Compare won and lost opportunities, and monitor rep performance, with every important detail available at a glance.

Sales Forecasting

Personalize the way you consume sales information with intuitive sales reports. Track critical metrics like probability of close. Perform weighted and unweighted forecasts, and anticipate revenues based on team, territory, channel or rep.

Alerts & Notifications

Stay on top of important events and what your team is doing. Trigger notifications on data capture fields. Know the moment you land a big opportunity — or when an account changes territories. Never forget a birthday, anniversary or follow-up call.

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